“Fear is like other emotions that we face as individuals through daily events and personal circumstances,but It can also be a so-called emotion or collective feeling that spreads between groups and constitutes reactions to current events. Fear can spread rapidly among members of society in a negative way that makes things worse and leads to wrong results.Today,the flood of news about the Corona virus has a negative impact on mental health and feelings, so how do we protect ourselves?”

  • Follow the guidelines and instructions of the UAE's official health authorities regarding hygiene and social isolation in order to avoid the spread of infection.
  • Don't over-follow the news and rely solely on reliable sources.
  • Resist negative thoughts and don't allow yourself to imagine scenarios that can cause you anxiety and fear, just think about taking preventive measures.
  • Do not trust the results of researches shown by the Internet. Don't be a victim of the misinformation spread about the virus, as a lot of information comes from sites that are not medicaland not official.
  • Do some simple exercises which will help you relieve stress and reduce adrenaline level.
  • The home quarantine period may increase stress, especially with the huge amount of news we receive on this subject. therefore try to entertain yourself through some domestic activities or hobbies such as reading,drawing, and following movies and documentaries.
  • Avoid alcohol or increase smoking if you smoke.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends through the available communication tools, which helps maintain a positive atmosphere and emotions.
  • Stay always positive and optimistic.
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