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Talent is the ability to be good at something; it is a God given gift. SGH Group believes that the Talent is there with everyone. In view with this SGH Group UAE, provide platform and opportunity for the customers (Patients of SGH Group – UAE) to show case the creative talents in a competitive platform and professional environment ‘SGH TALENT’

 Through this initiative SGH Group focus to:

  • Engage community by providing a platform to showcase their talents.
  • Highlighting the importance of music and arts in the healing of body and soul.
  • Encouraging the young and budding new talents.
  • Community commitment of SGH Group.

 Who can participate?
The people who have availed the service and care (Patients) of SGH Group – UAE are eligible to participate in the SGH TALENT competition (No age limit).

 SGH Open Door to your Talents:

 What ART forms can they perform?

The participants can perform any art form which is in line with the culture and respect of the society.

  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Magic
  • Group Music
  • Dance forms
  • Monoact
  • Mimicry
  • Mime

 Why should people participate?

  • The Winners are awarded with cash prize AED. 75,000.
  • First Runner Up awarded with cash prize AED 25,000
  • Second Runner up awarded with cash prize AED 10,000
  • Professional Platform to perform
  • Media Support

 Important Dates

  • ONLINE Registration open till 30th Nov.
  • Preliminary Round Starts on 7th Dec- 13 Dec 2019
  • Grand Finale on 09th January 2020

 How can the people participate and what are steps?

  • The candidate who wish to participate people should register online with one-minute video/ audio for the initial screening.
  • The short listed candidates will be invited for preliminary rounds in front of the Judges and the spectators
  • Finalist will perform in front of Judges, VIP attendees, special invitees and public.
  • Winners will be announced and Prize will be given by Group CEO
  • All the decisions are vested with the Judging panel
Terms and Conditions
  • SGH Talent is a talent show organized specifically for the customers/patients who availed the service of SGH hospital in UAE.
  • The competition is open to persons in all age categories.
  • Any reference to SGH Talent is deemed to include all members of the organizing committee and its sponsors.
  • SGH Talent nor any individual member of the organizing committee accept any responsibility for copyright issues pertaining to any act. It is the responsibility of the Artiste to seek permission for copyright from the copyright owner if required.
  • SGH Talent accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any property belonging to anyone involved in the competition.
  • No artiste should perform any act / material which may upset members of the audience, staff or be detrimental to the reputation of SGH Talent, the committee or sponsors.No hazardous liquids may be used, including naked flames.
  • No animals may be used in any act, without written consent from SGH Talent organizers.
  • All electrical equipment brought in by contestants must be in a safe condition and in good working order.
  • No sharp instruments, including swords, knives, axes, may be used in any acts.
  • No swearing/ foul language or unsociable behavior will be accepted.
  • All performers will act in a professional way throughout, being courteous to others and respect their needs at all times.
  • Any equipment used, which belongs to the organizers or venues, must be treated with respect and handled responsibly.
  • All breakages must be reported immediately and paid for.
  • All minors (those 16 years and under) must have signed permission from a parent/guardian on registration form granting their permission for them to participate in the show
  • All minors must be accompanied by parent/guardian. In the event that a minor performs in the final no friends or relatives will be allowed backstage. Adequate chaperones will be provided.
  • Signing the registration form also grants the SGH Talent permission to use photographs/videos of the acts / artistes on future publicity / media.
  • All acts must follow the entry procedure as laid down on the SGH Talent website and Facebook page. See website or follow on Facebook for entry closing date.
  • All acts/ artistes must be available for sound checks / rehearsals as and when required by the organizers.
  • Each entrant will be given a time to audition and it is their responsibility to be in the holding area 10 minutes prior ready to perform. If an entrant misses their slot their entry will become void.
  • All registered entrants must wear their name badge stickers during the audition. All entrants agree to be available to perform at the final.
  • All technical requirements must be listed on the registration form, failure to do so may result in them being unavailable on the day.
  • Only named artiste / acts listed on the registration form may be allowed to take part. If a substitute is required to enable the act to perform – prior permission must be sought from the organizers at the earliest possible moment.
  • Preliminary rounds will be held during 09 – 30 November 2019. SGH Talent got the reserve the right to change, delete or add to these dates, depending on entry levels
  • Final stage will be chosen by a panel of judges to be held on Friday 13th December 2019
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Registration Closed

Please share the youtube link of your performance (Maximum of 10 Minutes)

How to Upload Video on Youtube

You can also share link via Wetranfer or
send Email at

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